SAP – Substance Abuse Professional Evaluations
Rathdrum Counseling Center, LLC, has a qualified ICADC through the International Certification/Reciprocity Consortium (ICRC) to be a SAP evaluator on-site to provide SAP evaluations that are needed in order to return to safety-sensitive duty, or for any other DOT rule violation.

A transportation worker who has violated DOT regulations must follow a specific procedure before being considered by an employer for return to safety-sensitive function. This process, conducted by a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), includes:

The SAP conducts an initial face-to-face clinical evaluation, including standardized testing. A DOT rule requires a recommendation for treatment and/or education in every case. The SAP must send an initial evaluation report to the employer or, if employee has been released from employment, maintain information for future employer;

The SAP assists the employee in contacting the treatment provider and arranging for services;

The SAP maintains regular contact with the treatment provider, to monitor the employee's treatment progress, and to confirm suitability of the treatment plan;

The SAP will conduct a face-to-face, follow-up clinical evaluation to determine if the employee has complied with the SAP's recommendations, and to measure success of treatment.

If the employee has complied with the SAP's recommendation, the SAP advises the employer that the employee has successfully completed the requirements.

It is up to the employer to determine whether or not the employee returns to work, not the SAP. The SAP sends a follow-up report and follow-up testing plan to the employer. The SAP may also include an aftercare plan that must be followed even though the employee has been accepted back to work by the employer.

If the employee has been released from employment, this information is held for the future employer.

Evaluation Process and Information

If you are seeking to schedule an appointment for an assessment, please provide the following information during the initial call:

  1. BulletYour name, title, company name, address, phone number

  2. BulletType of DOT Modal, i.e., FMCSA, FRA, FTA, FAA, RSPA or USCG

  3. BulletEmployee name, address, phone number

  4. BulletSocial security number

  5. BulletDate of birth

  6. BulletViolation and date of violation

  7. BulletCurrent employment status

  8. BulletName of DER (Designated Employer Representative)

  9. BulletWho is responsible for payment? If employer is, provide name and phone number of DER for verification and arrangements.

For an additional fee, the SAP can conduct ongoing monitoring following the employee's return to work, including monthly in-person interviews and revision of the employee's follow-up testing program, when appropriate.

The SAP will also document monthly contact with the provider of the client's aftercare program. Reports of compliance or non-compliance will be sent to the employer.

Payment for SAP Fees

If fees are paid by the employer, full payment can be forwarded to the SAP at the time of the referral or SAP will provide an invoice when initial report is sent.

If the client pays fees, full-payment is required prior to the evaluation. Payment must be in exact amount by cash. Transactions by check or credit card are not available.