Supportive Services
We understand, that as a trusted, established company and employer in this area that you care about your employees and have a vested interest in their health and well-being. Providing supportive services to your employees affords businesses with dedicated and healthy minded employees, which, in turn, enhances every business, and the community, as a whole.
EAP — Employee Assistance Program

Our EAP services include, but are not limited to:

  1. BulletDUI/Substance Use evaluations with recommendations for treatment.

  2. BulletOne-time evaluations to assist employees and employers with recommendations that would enhance their productivity on the job.

  3. BulletMental Health screening and recommendations for short-term counseling.

  4. BulletDual Diagnosis (Co-occurring disorders – mental health & Substance Use disorder) evaluations and recommendations for treatment.

  5. BulletPsychiatric evaluations and recommendations for treatment.

Having employees who may be dealing with issues that affect their job performance is concerning to all. That they may get the help they need to commit to their employer, as well as perform their job duties without the impact of interfering issues, is of utmost concern to us.  With the help of our EAP program, we provide confidential assistance to those referred to identify and address their concerns and issues their employer may have so that they may continue to maintain their employment without interruption.

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TCM — Target Case Management

Target Case Management Services – TCM - is a Medicaid funded supportive program with focus on assisting the client with accessing services within their community.  Various tasks are included with this process including linking the client with identified supportive services, advocating for the client with community entities that the client may benefit from to gain information to share with the client, assist the client to the various supportive services in the community to facilitate access and empower individual awareness for future use.

TCM case managers assist with linking the client to services including, but not limited to:

  1. Bullet  Community transportation services

  2. Bullet  Medical care

  3. Bullet  Dental Care

  4. Bullet  Food banks

  5. Bullet  Energy Assistance

  6. Bullet  Other Service Providers

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We accept OPTUM Idaho Medicaid, BPA, Blue Cross True Blue,  Private Pay with a sliding fee scale, and most insurances. Call us for more information on funding options.