Rathdrum Counseling is happy to share testimonials from people who have received our services. We take great pride in sharing with you our clients’ comments of the treatment they have received, and the impact it has had on their lives and recovery to wellness!
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“The treatment I have received at RCC has turned my life around.  I’ve been dealing with addiction for over 40 years!  By the knowledge I’ve obtained in group sessions and my one-on-one with my counselor since coming to RCC, I’ve slipped once,  but now I’m 7 months clean & sober. In June of 2013 I will complete my treatment program, but if not for the start at RCC this wouldn’t have been possible.” — D.R.S.

“The first day I arrived at RCC, I was a broken woman.  I didn’t know how I would continue to go on living.  With my counselor’s help, I feel validated and worthy and I now believe that I have made a lot of good choices in my life.  I have grown in my zest for life!  I now can look into the future without fear of the unknown.” — C.A.

“After 42 years of active alcoholism and addiction, and after 39 days of inpatient treatment, I still needed to learn how to live and act.  RCC was a major source that taught me coping skills, life skills, gave me confidence, helped me re-organize my life, and gave me hope, strength, and courage to change my life. Thank you all at RCC!”  — K.L.

“From the moment I entered the door I felt like I had found a home.”

“My counselor made sure we reviewed my treatment goals every two months. Every session was focused on my feelings and concerns.”

“My privacy was kept completely confidential. When I signed my treatment contract and before every group session.”

“The staff at RCC treat their clients with the upmost care and respect.” 

“I have participated in the decisions in my care.”